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M.P.A. Values & Strategies

Learn more about the M.P.A. values that inform the decisions that we make. We live by our values; they're an important part of how we interact with the people who need our support.

Our Values

  • Community Development
  • Self-Determination
  • Fun
  • Social Inclusion
  • Partnership & Collaboration with Other Agencies
  • Resiliency
  • Courage
  • Human Rights
  • Safety
  • Continuous Learning & Development
  • Dignity of Risk
  • Dignity of Person
  • Respect for Individual Rights
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

Key Strategies

Our values are an integral part of how we operate. They affect the programs we offer and the strategies we pursue. Here are some of the ways we put our values to work for our clients:

1. Identify the needs of POSS-ABILITIES families in a holistic sense with regards to family functioning.
2. Provide opportunities for families and individuals to interact and connect with each other.
3. Impact the community with an increased demand for services.
4. Increase the emphasis on sharing services and resources in collaboration with local school districts.
5. Work closely with our school district partners to determine the optimum mix of services.
6. Provide safe, accepting environments for individuals with disabilities to increase socialization and well-being.
7. Empower families and individuals to make informed choices.